The 18th (Part 6)

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I was on a roll with the politician here's the second part 
of the request. No offense to parties! D:

Palinating the White House

Sorry for the delays lately. Here's a recent request that tickled my fancy...

On Vacation


The 18th (Part 1)

This was a request some people asked for. 
A new series with spontaneous F2Fs!

Feeling Guilty

Legally Forced

Not really a "stolen body", right? No legal bounds were broken!


It's been a while since I did an age swap, huh?

The Trio

Also--I changed the text in the schedule section at the top of the blog. :X

Sharing the Suit (Part 1)

old request

Sharing the Suit (Part 2)

More of Freakazoid's old request.

Sharing the Suit (Part 3)

A Womanizer's Curse (Part 1)

A request from Scrapmetal. Slowly getting to people's requests again...

A Womanizer's Curse (Part 2)

A Womanizer's Curse (Part 3)

A Womanizer's Curse (Part 4)

A Womanizer's Curse (Part 5)

Stay tuned (tomorrow) for the finale of this series!

A Womanizer's Curse (Part 6 - Finale)

Thanks for riding this series out with me, and thanks to Scrapmetal
for the initial request that sparked the series! 
Hope you all enjoyed it!

Body Casting

And now time for one of my favorite swap styles...

Alix's Sissy Training

Shemale Gets Gangbanged

CD Hayley fucked hard

Comfortable within their own skin