Swap Games

Here's a request from the guy who requested the Reality Show cap!

Traits (Part 1)

Could my titles get ANY more bland...?
So yes. This is my newest series! Trait swaps! First time I've ever done this 
(unless you count that age swap I did). I for one am very, VERY excited
about this series. Hope you guys get excited too!

Oh-- and it was a request too... so... yes, hope you like it Anonymous! :3

The Tester [People's Choice]


Is this really my first medallion cap? Can't remember if I made one before... :X

With Friends Like These...

Birthday Wish [People's Choice #1A]

Every once in a while I'm going to have a poll like this up where you guys can
choose what happens next. I'll refer to them as the People's Choice caps 
from now on (there's a label for them now, too). 

This time since there was basically a tie, I'm going to make both caps. Here's the first...

Traits (Part 4)

And here's the finale!

Tragedy [People's Choice #1B]


Youth Elixir

A request just for you, Freakazoid!


Flash (Part 1)

Nightly Swap Club (Part 8)

Here's the FINALE! this is officially my longest series to date! 
I enjoyed writing this idea-- thanks for the request Anonymous!
Hope you guys liked it too.

Traits (Part 2)

Okay guys... so here's the 2nd part. I got it out quickly 
because I'm trying to finish this series quickly!
Such shame... 

Happy Anniversery

Traits (Part 3)

I think Lola may have chosen the wrong trait to swap with this girl...

Reality Show

Have so many requests, I've forgotten who requested what. :/
Thanks Anonymous! Loved the idea, and I'll probably do it again in some other way.

Complaints [People's Choice]

Relentless (Part 1)

Here's the first part to Wakka's request!


Figured I'd do another age swap.

Losing Face