Sissies who know how to suck up

Gurls for all tastes

Blonde hair, white teddy and stockings...Now that is a spell any man would want to fall under

Who can't get enough BJ's in their life?
There are a few gurls that pave the way for aspiring Sheplacements like me...Kim Devine, Olivia and Bailey Jay set the bar high...but then again, the higher they are the better chance of seeing up their skirts.

Even the most flat chested man has enough eye candy to satisfy your appetite.

Dessert always tastes better when it is offered straight off the carte.

Terrain dictates

Who would like to trace their lips up and down her milky way?

Light or dark meat?

Taster's choice

almost as good as a candy cane...almost

Some decisions you make

Will create a lasting memory

Will bring out your true self

Will cement yourself on the sexual food chain

Will bring out your ad-dick-tive personality

Will never allow you to go back to being a man.

Far from a diamond in the rough....

This Jem has been shining brighter than a diamond...This gurl has so many different looks I can't even keep up.

I remember first seeing this hottie a few years ago and I was hooked like she was chocolate...Even though I think she might taste sweeter.

Whatever look she chooses, you can bet she will be turning heads, and getting gawking men slapped by their wives.

Are you a....

Breast man?

or a (third) leg man?

or a pig tail kind of guy?

or maybe your the type of guy that loves a playful gurl?

or maybe you are just like any normal guy and are more of an ass man?
What is great about this is...there is no wrong choice.

What is the sense of getting all dolled up...

If a real man can not appreciate the fruits of your dressing labor?

or feeling the effect you have on a man?

Or what about experiencing the feeling of femininity while your work your man's hard cock between your wanton lips?

I mean how else will you get your chocolate straight from the source?

If you can't look at the photos and videos that were made out of your control...